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Digimon Xros Wars Complete (eps 1-54 End) 41.99

 Taiki Kudō, an upbeat seventh-grade boy who always helps people in need, encounters a Digimon named Shoutmon, who brings him and his friends to the Digital World. With his friends Akari Hinomoto and Zenjirō Tsurugi, they form Team Xros Heart to compete against rival teams battling for supremacy, with their ultimate goal of taking down the evil Bagura Empire, who plans to conquer the Digital World.

Dialogue : Japanese
Subtitle : English/Off 
Region : All Region, Free Code 
Disc Type : DVD x 7
Series Type : TV Series  
System : NTSC
Episodes :  1-54
Running Time : Approximately 54 x 23 mins

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 21 December, 2011.
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