Neo-Tokyo 2019: a top secret military project, dating back prior to the Third World War, endangers the city when it kidnaps and experiments on a member of a biker gang, Tetsuo, turning him into a psychopath with psychic powers. Only his long-time friend and leader of the gang, Kaneda, and three of the project members can stop him. Maybe.

The story begins with Kaneda and his gang, the Capsules, clashing with a rival gang, the clowns. During the fight, Tetsuo crashes into Takashi, a part of the project, and is taken away by the military. They experiment on him, and he escapes, only to be monitored by the project and taken away again when he begins to suffer headaches and hallucinations.

Kaneda joins forces with a rebel, Kei, in an attempt to rescue Tetsuo from the military. Little did they know Tetsuo had begun to use his new-found powers, awakened by the experiments, to fight back and escape. Takashi and the other two project members join with Kaneda and Kei to try and stop him.

I just watched Akira again and I have to say OMG. If you haven’t seen it, I insist that you watch it. The story line is fantastic, as are all the tiny details within the scenes.

Akira is one of the reasons that anime grew rapidly in popularity in the United States during the 1990’s. It might have been released before many of you were born but there is no reason for you to skip over it because of that.

I hope that you are as amazed with it as I am.

FunImation currently holds the license to Akira in North America, having released a 25th Anniversary edition on Blue-Ray and DVD.

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